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Pass Plus

Once you've passed your test, you have the option to complete the Pass Plus syllabus and as a registered Pass Plus instructor I can take you through the course. Don't worry there's no test at the end of it and no scary people with fluorescent jackets on either!


You may already know from friends who have completed this course, Pass Plus consists of a minimum of six additional hours of driver training building on what you've already successfully learnt and including some areas you will not have been able to cover during your driving lessons, giving you a great start in your driving career.


The other bonus of completing the Pass Plus course, is that your insurance company will recognise your commitment to becoming a safer driver by offering you a reduction in your insurance premium, that's if they subscribe to the scheme of course, so it's always worth checking with your insurer first.


The Pass Plus syllabus consists of 6 modules:


1. Town Driving

2. All Weather Driving

3. Out of town driving and rural roads

4. Night driving

5. Dual carriageways

6. Motorways


Pass Plus doesn't have to be taken immediately after passing your test, but it's not a bad idea to do it sooner rather than later so that your well equipped and confident to tackle most driving situations on your own.




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