Ryan Steele - Approved Driving Instructor In Frome


"Ryan has been a fantastic instructor who creates the best possible learning environment and is always willing to adapt to suit your needs. His lessons are the perfect blend between seriousness and fun, it's like being taught by a good friend. I look forward to booking my Pass Plus with Ryan and learning more skills. Will not hesitate to recommend".

Aaron (Westbury - Passed 1st time)


"Ryan is the best driving instructor I have met, always with a smile and very patient. Thanks to him I got my driving licence" Annais (Bath)


"I really enjoyed learning to drive with Ryan, he would always make me feel at ease and inspired confidence, he always believed in me and would always stay calm if I got flustered."  

Hayley (Frome - Passed 2nd time)


"Ryan was an excellent instructor to learn with, he was patient when teaching new ideas and had excellent tips on certain aspects of driving. He has set me up for a good driving career for the rest of my life."  Alex (Frome - Passed 1st time)


"I did my driving lessons and Pass Plus with Ryan without any prior driving experience and couldn't be happier with the experience. He was very friendly and taught me exactly what I needed to know in order to pass my test, which I did so on my first attempt. He was flexible on

times, allowing for my work schedule, and didn't artificially inflate my hours. All round it was very enjoyable learning how to drive with Ryan and I would definitely recommend his service."

 Chris (Frome - Passed 1st time)


"I don't hesitate to recommend Ryan as a driving instructor, he is calm, re-assuring and is a great teacher. He is friendly and puts you at ease so you feel safe and able to build up your confidence on the roads. He was always helpful and flexible and offers really good value for money. I was able to pass my test first time but I have no doubt this was down to Ryan's excellent tuition" Jane (Frome - Passed 1st time)


"I came to Ryan with no previous driving experience, but he soon taught me the knowledge and skills I needed to pass my test, and more importantly to be a good driver. He puts his pupils first and has had a great deal of patience for me over the months – especially as I’m not the most organised of people! I enjoyed every lesson with Ryan and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants a knowledgeable,  patient, friendly driving instructor."

Harry (Frome - Passed 1st time)


"I have already recommended Ryan to other people learning to drive, he is friendly, patient and easy to get on with. I started off with no experience but enjoyed learning to drive with Ryan, and went on to pass first time." Tom (Frome - Passed 1st time)


"I started my driving lessons in Surrey originally, then moved to Frome. I started to look for my new instructor before we moved, googled and found Ryan. After my taster lesson, I felt a lot better than with my previous instructor, he is so calm and uses simple conversations to help you learn, not making you feel like a learner at all!. He was very flexible with his time, he was also a very good entertainer when I needed it. I was so nervous on the day of my test,  Ryan tried very hard to make me feel comfortable and ready for the test, and it worked, I felt much better and I passed my test on that day, thank you Ryan!" Nattira (Frome - Passed 1st time)