Ryan Steele - Approved Driving Instructor In Frome


"Ryan is a patient and tolerant driving instructor. He is flexible with his time and went out of his way to accomodate my needs right up until the day of the test. Most importantly, i really looked forward to my driving lessons, because Ryan made them enjoyable and personal. I would recommend him to drivers at any stage in their learning process" Maddy (Frome - Passed 1st time)


"Ryan is a superb driving instructor, perfect for anyone living in Frome or any surrounding areas. He helped me through my driving journey with 100% support every step of the way, and is a great laugh. There is a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere at all times with Ryan, and I found this to be very beneficial during my lessons with him. Many thanks again Ryan! You are a truly awesome instructor!" Josh (Frome - Passed 1st time)


"Choosing to learn to drive with Ryan Steele was the best decision I could have made. From the onset he was friendly reassuring and explained everything slowly and clearly. I felt calm and comfortable in the car and believe that I made good progress every time i had a lesson and his car is incredibly comfortable to drive. I passed my driving test first time and Ryan planned out a cluster of trips to Chippenham just before my test to ensure that I was confident in driving around that area. Ryan is a lovely bloke and i'd only recommend him to learn to drive with".

Jordan (Frome - Passed 1st time)


"Ryan is the best instructor in the west!!. He is very reliable, patient, assuring and highly knowledgable of the road, along with having a fantastic character. I fully recommend Ryan. I am one of the many students that have past first time with him.Thank you Ryan. Daniel (Bath)


"I can't speak highly enough of Ryan Steele, and I would strongly recommend him. He made lessons fun and personal and always had a smile on his face which made the driving a little less nerve racking! Always very flexible and generous with his time and he also gives his pupils a personal progress booklet which made it easy to track your progress in all aspects of driving. All in all Ryan was a joy to learn with." James (Frome - Passed 1st time)


"No prior driving experience but Ryan helped give me confidence quickly. A great teacher with which i passed 1st time! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good instructor."

Millie (Frome - Passed 1st time)


"I really enjoyed my time spent driving with Ryan. He is a really approachable, calm and methodical person. Ryan also has a great sense of humour, which helped take the stress out of learning how to drive! Ryan helped me pass with an intensive block of driving revision, and he spent a lot of time helping me with my nerves, which were holding me back. Learning to drive with Ryan was fun and an exciting experience and I would certainly recommend him - Top Bloke!" Katherine Woodbury



"I started learning to drive with a different instructor and did not progress at all, my friends recommended Ryan to me and I booked a lesson with him. He made everything really easy to understand and was so patient. We got on really well and driving lessons were an enjoyable experience. I will definitely be recommending him to anyone else. I passed first time all thanks to him" Hannah Stinchcombe (Frome - Passed 1st time)